U20s Championship France 2018 

Personal Photo Books

A big well done if your son is participating in this year’s U20 Championships in France.

I am sure it will be a truly rewarding experience and is the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication.  

If you have not come across my work before let me introduce myself.  I am Gerry a professional rugby photographer.  I produce bespoke Personalised Photo Albums for players and their parents.   

Click Here to see some from last year.

If you are interested in commissioning a book for your sons World Cup Campaign the best time to do so is BEFORE kick off so I know who to shoot. (Obvious really)  It is fully refundable, injury , selection, poor photos, or just a bad result. 


  1. Order as early as possible.  Click here to order.
  2. We “target” players with book orders.
  3. Select as many photos as you like from all the matches covered.
  4. We then design your book and email you a proof copy to review and approve.
  5. Once approved we  Print and Ship world wide. 

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If you have questions just contact me.

Top Tip:    You will find that this event is over before you know it, so if you are remotely interested, consider ordering early and cancelling later. If you are not on my book "Target" list it is really just "Pot Luck".   Front row, Second Row, and players on the bench in particular. I cant promise you will score a try and I will catch it, but if you are on the Target list that's exactly what I will be working hard to do.   

Enjoy the Tournament

Best regards


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