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Is the parent group interested in commissioning a team photo book?  

A book that contains photos of the whole team and captures the whole event in the highest quality imagery around.  (Examples below.)

I have done many team book in the past and I would be delighted to work with you designing and producing a Full Team Photo Book .  I can even set up a group folder and can include some of the photos the boys and you will have on their phones. (within limits) 


Team books are priced on the number of pages and quantity ordered.  Once I know the quality I can finalise a price. I would be aiming at ~$120nz  or €75 if we get enough people interested.  (shipping I will need to check)  

 To register your interest. Click Here

This is a guideline. 

Based a 50 page Team book.  (Additional pages  €5 per 10 extra pages.)  

Quantity  5-10  11-15   16-20  <20
  €121 €93 €86 €75

shipping to a single address. (cheapest but I have to quote based on # of book)  or  Shipping to multiple addresses's add €4.70ea    


Here is an example of one I did the the German Hockey Team.  Each Player has a double page of his favourite photos from the tournament, mixed with a selection I pulled out. 

Last year's Irish U20s.  This book is just one match!

 It included a Twitter feed and some of the write up..   

If I can be of any further  help just e mail me