Personalised Photo Books. 

A personalised Photo book is design specifically for a player, and incudes' photos  of his team mates but features a particular player through the book. (See the sample below.)You can have as many photos in your book as you like, Personal Photo Books are based on pages not photos. I use his best shots  as full size spread's  and dominate images within the book.  Personal book's  are bespoke items, you can leave it to me to design the full book or put  as much input into the final book as you like.  I send a proof copy for your approval  before printing.  Once approved it is printed and bound.  I  offer a 100% refund before printing should the book not meet your expatiations. Additional copies are half price.

Please be sure to leave your phone number so I can confirm any instructions when working on your book.

Books take 3-14 days to design ( depending the "Book Queue" which is in order of  payment date) and 6-10 days to get printed and bound. 

Pre-order a Photo Book. (before or during an event)     Order Now 

Pre Ordering makes sense, because you can always ask for a refund, and I can "target" your player to be sure we have loads of photos of him. 

Photo books are €159  To create a personal photo book I need just two things.  A confirmed order (ie payment), and to know the player its for.

To pre order a personal photo book of your player follow the two steps below.

1) Confirm your order by clicking  


2)  Create a "Favourite list" click "Add to favourites"  position either above or below the photo you like.  ( pick as many as you like.... as the event progresses)

This is a full bespoke serves, nothing is printed without your review and approval.

I  also offer a 100% refund at proof stage (ie before printing) should the book not meet your expatiations. 


To order a Photo Book. (after the Event)

1) First create a "Favourite list" click "Add to favourites"  position either above or below the photo you like.  ( pick as many as you like.... or let my facial recognition program do the hard work. see note below. )

2) Then select Personal Photo Book from the product list on the right 

3) Finally add your photos by Clicking the "Favourite" tab (on the left hand side)

4) Approve the soft copy proof I send you, once I have your book designed. (3-14 days)   


That's it,  preserved for generations to enjoy! 

Don't forget to leave me  your phone number and  any directions / requests you might have.

 I include a selection of  photos of the rest of the team, atmosphere shots and news clips as appropriate. I design all the books myself and double check we have it all before sending  you a proof copy for Approval. I do offer a full refund should the proof copy not meet your expectations.  

Book designs takes 3-4 days, however I do run a queue based on payment date! The queue can get pretty long after a Final,  2 weeks is typical but can be longer! So get your order in early, don't put it on the long figure.


 See the sample below.


Image selection.       Click here to see  a short video on how to create a favourites list.  




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