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Personal Photo Books. 


Many congratulations on your son's selection.

For those that don't know me or my work. I am Gerry an Irish Rugby photographer. I specialise in producing Personalised bespoke Photo Albums for individual players at this event. I have been doing so since 2014.  

My photography is of the very best calibre ( please take a look gpfoto.ie)

My design team and I produce stunning book designs for each and every client.  Every book is designed by hand for that particular client.  It is a fully bespoke product. We work with the client to include their selection,  personal photos, match reports, whatever the client wants in their book as long as you can save it to an online folder we can include it. There are no short cuts, there is a ton of work in every book.  

Personal Photos books are €159 +€8.90 shipping

Good sports photography is not an accident. 

We "Target" players that order books.  It sounds pretty obvious but many forget the photographer can shoot who he likes out there.  If your son is #16 the sub hooker we will be working on him and not the Captin unless he is also on our "Target" list. 

It is all fully refundable.  Injury, (the players or mine!) lack of game time, poor photos, not enough photos, don't like the result.. whatever.  We email a proof copy to review and approved before we print.  You are not committed until you approve the Proof.    Just ask for a refund if you don't like the proof. 

Clients need to do just two things. 

1) Make a selection to start us off. 

2) Approve the proof copy before printing. 

Personal Photos books are €159 +€8.90 shipping.    Order Here  (That's the price of a pair of boots! ) 

It is refundable should the proof copy not meet your expectations.  

Books are based on pages not photos, 24 pages to a standard book.  You can have as many photos in your book as you like 50, 150,++ what ever.. your call. 

If your son is in the front row, on the bench, or you just want to be sure you have a good selection of photos order a book before kick off.  You can always cancel at the end. 

or take "Pot Luck" and regret you did not order at the start.  (remember Win and you will regret not ordering at the start!! ...trust me I know)  


We ship worldwide. Well, actually our printers are based in NZ, Aus, SA, and Europe.  so we print and ship locally to the client. 


I have produced books for players on every team at this stage.  Please take a look. 


Personal Photos books are €159 +€8.90 shipping.  It is refundable should the proof copy not meet your expectations.  Order Here

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