Hi Gerry,

 We are absolutely thrilled with Eoin's photo book. They arrived yesterday. Our whole family signed it and gave it to him. He was blown-away and speechless. Quite an unusual phenomenon for a teenager!

 We will all get many happy moments and smiles re-reading it for years to come. 


Dear Gerry,

 I received the book today and may I say nothing prepared me for it.  It is absolutely fantastic and a marvellous momento for any kid (and of course parent) to have.  Whether Ben goes on to be a “Rugby Great” these pictures capture a time when he was’nt afraid to dream.

 I will be letting the other parents know as soon as school starts as I won’t see them until then, but a Christmas present from a Grandparent or anyone else would be a real cherished gift.

 You deserve to be supported and the best of luck with what you do!

 Kind Regards,


Gerry, the photobook arrived this morning!

It's absolutely fantastic - it's the best birthday present I could give him today.

Thanks so much.

Best wishes,