Some notes:

Your selection:

Without a selection of your son we will not be able to start designing your book. We will double check your selection and be sure that there aren't more photos in the library and we will add in “The Best of The Rest”  Team shots, “atmosphere” shots , anything that we think will make the book a Book.


Personal Photos:

If you would like to include some personal photos please up load them to the shared folder, do not email them to me.  Viruses are such that I can not open attached photos.  Just click the link to the shared folder I will have set up for you and drag and drop…  do let us know to look for them before we start working on your book.


Book Queue.

Personal photos books take time.   There are a lot of elements that need to be brought together. Barbara and myself will be working down the “Book List” as fast as we can but it is a slow process in order to get right.  How long it takes to get to your order is dependent on when you paid,, when you completed your selection, and the speed of response from other clients in front of you.  2- 3 weeks is typical but I have had some  clients  on the list for many  months!   I will be trying to complete books as quickly as possible however  if you are working to a strict deadline this might not be the product for you and you may be better off ordering prints.


Proof Approval .

As soon as your book is designed we will send you a proof for review and approval.  Nothing is printed without your approval. .  THe purpose of the client review and approval is to pick up on any mistakes or large omissions. The proof is what will be printed so its important that you take time to review every page both the photos and any text… typos, wrong crests, wording mistakes are all things to keep a sharp eye out for.



The purpose of the proof approval process it to catch any mistakes or large omissions. It is not an opportunity to redesign the book. We put a lot of effort into the Proof copy and it is the best we can do with the shots we have.  We  evaluate image quality, the story, the player of interest, and the overall flow of the book.  You have the opportunity of asking for a full refund at this stage if it is not to your liking.  We will consider a few changes (2-3) if they are important to you.  If you find that there are lots of  changes you would like to make, (ie more than 3)  this is probably a sign that this is not the product  for you.  Please consider canceling your order and asking for a full refund. We will also reserve the right to cancel and make a refund should it be evident that we can not meet the client's expectations.  



I use a very high quality printers in europe and all books are dispatched from either  Switzerland or Holland. You need to allow  10 working days for deliveries to europe,  15  days worldwide, with the exception of SA and Africa.   It's a full automated process and no changes what so ever can be made. That includes address changes.  Shipping is via Air Mail courier DHL is not available.  Parcel tracking is also not available.  If in the unlikely event your book does not arrive within 5 working days from date of dispatch from my  printers, we will need to give it a further 5 days, before registering it missing in transit.  We can always request a reprint but that will take a minimum of 10 days, the fastest  solution is to re send the book when it gets  returned to the printers, or found by the post service.  With may hundreds of books shipped  worldwide I have only ever had one.. Yes just one book not make it to its destination. I have had concerned clients and delayed deliveries but we have traced or re sent the book on its return.  I work with a very reliable service but am not in control of the postal service I am sure you can understand.