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U16s Six Nations Cork
Hire your own Team Photographer
€50 per player.
Hire your own Team Photographer and guarantee the best coverage and photos at the friction of the standard price of the whole team for all 5 matches. 
Once the photographe fee is paid, photos are effectively  free, just the printing to pay. from 22c see below.

Must be done before Saturday 15th ! Full refundable if insufficient interest.

See my standard  commission arrangements are below.  Any questions just call me. 087 2424123 

GerryGP (Gerry)

I am an accredited professional Hockey and Rugby photographer.

I am also a graduate of the NCAD and the Irish photography institute.
I provide outstanding photography of age grade hockey and rugby up to international U21s.
How it works,
The cost of photography is made up of two components. 
The Photography fee (my time and equipment)  + the printing costs. 

Once the photography fee is paid all photos are at "print price". (ie the Standard lab printing cost)
Event Fee €50 per player payable before kick off. (works out at €10 per player, per match, for the event) 

Print costs as follows   
4x6… 22c    
5x7… 97c
A4.. €3.66
p&p €3.70 per 25pc
Facebook jpegs free. 
Excludes original soft copies, and other bespoke products.  
The Gallery stays open for 2 months, then reverts to standard pricing.  

Once the match fee is paid all prints are at the Print Lab prices, ordered directly via my website with no middleman, and no limits. You can order as many prints as you like. Just 22c each.  Everyone can benefit not just the player's parents, Grandparent, Uncles, Aunt's  friends..... who ever.
20180123_152705 (1)20180123_152705 (1)The very best Camera Kit available. Last season teams typically ordered over €1000 worth of photos per match. It is a super way to get memories of the highest quality and a fraction of the price.
Photography is not an exact science, so I cannot predict who or what I will photograph,  but I cover the warm up, both half’s, crowd shots, ( and whatever else I can catch. I will then select the best shots ( including everyone & the bench to the best of our ability) and load them up on the web site so people can order directly from the website. 
Please have a look around my site to see the quality of my photography.  
The best Sports Camera kit available. 
Best Regards
087 2424123