Ireland U20s   €15 Photo contribution for the Franch match.  

Players Name

Please Share with the other Players Parents. We need 15 contributions before KO.

If you would like to make a €15 contribution to “Hiring me” to cover your French match on the 24th click the pay link. My Match Fee is €225 which if divided equally amongst the starting 15 is just €15 per player. After that all photos are effectively free, just printing cost.. ie from 22c.  Click here for full details.

I will update the sheet as contributions are made. 

Should we not get sufficient contributions to cover the match fee,  I will refund you, or should we get to many I will refund the  Reserves in order of payment. 

The very best of luck with the match.


087 2424123

[email protected]  

   Colm Hogan  No  
   Jordan Larmour  Paid  €15
   Gavin Mullin  No  
   Ciaran Frawley  Paid  €15
   Calvin Nash  Paid  €15
   Johnny McPhillips  No  
   Jonny Stewart  Paid  €15
   Joey Conway  No  
   Tadgh McElroy  **  No  
   Charlie Connolly  Paid  €15
   Fineen Wycherley **  No  
   Oisin Dowling  No  
   Cillian Gallagher **  No  
   Paul Boyle  Yes  €15
   Caelan Doris  No  
   Adam Moloney **  No  
   Rory Mulvihill  Paid  €15
   Matthew Burke **  No  
   Jack Regan **  No  
   Gavin Coombes  Paid  €15
   Jack Lyons   Paid  €15
   Conor Fitzgerald **  No  
   Tommy O'Brien  Paid  €45
   Peter Cooper **  No  
   Jack Kelly   No  
   Rob Lyttle **  No  
   Bill Johnston   Paid  €15
   Marcus Rea **  No  
   Ronan Kelleher  No  
   Sean Masterson     Paid  €15
   Alex McHenry  Paid  €15