Hi  Guys, 

After watching the Irl v NZ match in Chicago on Saturday,  I realised that it was you who lead the way, and so I put this commemorative book together for you. 

Its 76 pages with a running match commentary.   I have tried to keep the commentary synced with the images , but I am sure that you will remember it phase by phase and see lapses. But between the photos and the commertry I am sure it will keep that experience alive for a very long time.  Well done again. 

I hope you enjoy looking through the book and it brings back the best memories. If you would like to get a copy for posterity you can order it directly from my publisher. 

If I can be of any help or you have any requests  just e mail me.   [email protected]

Best Regards 


087 2424123 


PDF print hardcover book