Q How do I make a selection?

Simply "Click the Hearts" on all the photos of your player.  When you are finished click "Share with the Photographer" that way we will know you have FINISHED.  

Q How many photos should I select? 

Books can contain as many photos as you like. Books are based on pages, not photos. 24 pages to a standard book. We can add extra pages if needed €3ea.  We have made super books with 24 photos and 124 photos its your book your call. 

Q Have you any more photos of my player? 


We only upload ~25% of the photos we take. (hopefully our best) but we do it very quickly and leave many behind.  When it comes to designing a book we run a full search on all the photos that we did NOT upload.  We then use the best photos from both your selection and our search to design your book. 

Q Can I include my own photos? 

Yes.  But do not send them now. Waite until we send you your proof copy, then simply email them to whoever designed your book. We can then add them into your book. 

Q. Can I get the digital files of all the photos in my book? 

Yes.  Book clients can get a full set of digital files of all the photos in their book for one flat price.  Be it 30 photos or 230.  Digital files are available in 3 sizes Medium, €49, Large €59, full Hi-Res €69. Only offered once you have approved your Book. 

Will you print without my approval?

When we get to you on the list we will email you a proof copy to Review and Approve.  At this stage, you can Click "Request Change"  All change requests must be made on the purpose-built proofer and NOT by email, voice mail, Whats App, Twitter, Facebook or by letter. 

Q. I ordered a Digital Book, will I receive a physical book? 

No.  We will email you 3 things.  1) A Hi-Res PDF  which you can use to have your book printed ... or not.  2) An on Line FlipBook 3) A "Print Link"  so you can take advantage of our wholesale printers if you chose. 

Q Iorded a "Classic Book" will I receive the Hi-Res PDF? 

Yes. You will receive all 3 items mentioned above for the "digital book" as well as a high-quality printed book delivered by DHL courier. 

Q. What's a Hi-Res PDF? 

We will email you a Hi-Res PDF of your book. This is an Adobe file format specially designed for professional printing. You can send it to any printer of your choice.  We will also send you a "Print Link" which will allow you to get copies printed directly from our printers at our discounted wholesale price.  

Q. What's an on Line Flip Book? 

Once approved, we will email you a link to your personal online Photo Book which you can share using any device.  It will stay available for 12 months. 

Q.  How long does it take before I get my book. ?

A.  When an event finishes we have a long list of books to do. We work down the list in order of finished “Selections”  We can not start a book without a selection.  Once you have finished your selection “ Share it” with us so we know you are done. We will then place you in the Book Q.  It does take time to get book right. Remember they will be around for a long time. We do not limit the time we work on a book, we work on it till its right. Proofing books does take time and we are dependent on the speed of response from clients as well as the number of open books we are dealing with at any one time.  We do work as quickly as we can, but we can not predict how long a particular book will take.

Q. How long does it take to print and ship?

A. Books take 5 working days to print and typically 5 days to ship, but can take 9. We use two printers, one in the Netherlands and one in Germany.  Once shipped we are dependent on the courier DHL service. You will receive a tracking number. 

Q.  Can I have a tracking number to trace my delivery?

A.  Yes it will be sent to you in the dispatch confirmation email.