Q How much is a Personal Photo Book?

A . Books are €159 + €9.90  DHL tracked Shipping  worldwide

Q. Are digital files available? 

A.  Book clients can get a full set of digital files of all the photos in their book for one flat price. Small €25, Medium, €49, Large €59, full Hi-Res €69

  1. Should I wait till the end of the event before ordering. That way I can see what photos you have of my player. ? 
  1. NO. Order as soon as you think you might be interested.  We shoot players that order books. That is why you will see more photo of certain players.  It might sound obvious but we need to know who to shoot in order to get as many photos as we need to make a decent book.  Wait till the end and its just “Pot Luck” if we have the right shots.

Q   How many photos are in a book.

A: As many as you like. Standard Books have 24 pages and can hold as many photos as you like.  We can add additional pages to make room for larger images. Additional pages are €3ea.

Q   My son is on the bench and may not play at all, but if he does play I would like a book should I order?

A:   Yes order and then cancel if it does not work out.  Its easy to find the big ball carries, the backs, but it’s the hard to find players that is our benchmark.  The Substitute hooker, props, second rows, players on the bench. These are the players we work the hardest for. Please check our samples, it’s the hard to find players we use as sample books. Easy books like Gary Ringrose well they are easy.  You can always cancel and get a refund. At least we will have tried.

Q  Do I have to select the photos ?

A:   Yes. It’s the client's responsibility to make the selection.  You have 6 weeks from the last match to make a selection.  Just click the Hearts  on all the photos of your player, we will check the selection, add any that were not up loaded to the web site and work with the best.

Will you print without my approval?

A:  We will email you a proof copy before printing for your review and approval. A client has 4 weeks to approve the proof or request a change, after that we will consider the proof approved and send for printing.  We do send reminders but do not always receive reply’s.


Q. I would like two copies of my book, how do I order?

A. Once we have an approved proof we offer additional copies. Additional copies are half price + Shipping. Just reply to our email and let use know so we can arrange payment.

Q.  What is the minimum number of photo needed to make a book ?

A.  Books have 24 pages. Sometimes “Less is More”  personally I like ~50 -70 photos for a book. B. Remember it is a Team sport so it might be nice to include some teammates coaches families... !  We have done great books with ust 12 photos, but no denying it, the more photos we have to work the better… (order early… please…)

Q. I got some good photo on my phone can I include them in the book? 

A.  Yes of course, Its your book , not ours.  If you have just a few go ahead and email them to us, if you have loads we can set up a folder for you to up load them. But please do so BEFEORE we design your book.  Sending in photos after the books designed means that we have to re do your book. So please keep this in mind.

Q.  My son played back in 2014 can I order a book from SCT14 ?

A Yes. Email me and I will open the archive. Then make a selection and we can tak it from there. Click the Hearts.

Q. How do I make a selection?

A.  To Make a selection just click the heart on the photos you like. Watch the video.  You can do it from your phone. Do it the first time you flip through the gallery.

Q. Should I wait till the end of the event to make my selection.

A.  NO.  do it as the matches are played.  Don’t put of making your selection, do it the first time you look through the gallery.  Just click the Hearts. Do it from your phone. Click as many as you like . We will be checking it, we will not use any photos that we don’t think makes the quality level and we will add more as we see ones you miss. But its your responsibility to make the selection. The better our selection the better your book.

Q.  How long does it take before I get my book. ?

A.  When an event finishes we have a long list of books to do. We work down the list in order of finished “Selections”  We can not start a book without a selection.  Once you have finished your selection “ Share it” with us so we know you are done. We will then place you in the Book Q.  It does take time to get book right. Remember they will be around for a long time. We do not limit the time we work on a book, we work on it till its right. Proofing books does take time and we are dependent on the speed of response from clients as well as the number of open books we are dealing with at any one time.  We do work as quickly as we can, but we can not predict how long a particular book will take.

Q. How long does it take to print and ship.

A. Books take 5 working days to print and typically 5 days to ship, but can take 9. We use two printers, one in the Netherlands and one in Australia.  Once shipped we are depended on the local postal serves.

Q.  Can I have a tracking number to trace my delivery?

A.  Yes it will be sent to you in the dispatch confirmation email. .